Talk | Notion of identity and representation in the works of artists of the African diasporas Lagos Photo Festival 2018, Lagos

October 2018
Most Diaspora artists cultivate solid links with the continent. Whether intangible or tangible, these links contribute redefining the notions of one’s own identity and origin. During a panel discussion organised jointly by the AAF, the Institut Français du Nigéria and artness agency, artists from Nigeria and the Diasporas, international art professionals and curators exchange on questions such as:

• How do artists from the Diaspora define and represent their identit.y.ies?
• What specific links do they build between their country of residence and of origin?
• How do these links contribute to defining their artistic practise and ultimately their own identities?

Lagos Photo Festival
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Research Center for Material Culture
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Image: Ahmadou, Charlotte Yonga